Wedding Traditions & You!

Jul 24, 2017

There can be so many components to your wedding day - the dress, the rings, the breaking of the glass, the cake, the henna, the bouquet toss or the first dance, - that it can be easy to lose sight of why you end up doing or saying the things you do. Traditions are amazing, but the most extraordinary aspect is the story they tell. Every part of your wedding has the potential to tell the story of you and your partner, of how you came to be together, of what that means to each of you. It’s a beautiful opportunity. Part of that story will include your religious beliefs, your cultural practices and, simply, your personal preferences. How you reflect those aspects of yourselves is up to you. Of course, there are some legal requirements regarding the ceremony and you can find that information easily online. The rest of the day has the potential to be as relaxing or exciting as you want! However you envision your special day, be sure to consider what it includes and why! What does it mean for you to join this person in marriage? How can your wedding reflect that? What has your journey been together? How can you honor that? What are your hopes for the future? How can you symbolize that? What promises are you making? How do you want to say that?  Our advice is to have fun, think outside the box and treat yourself! Your love story is one of a kind and your special day should be no different!

PEI Destination Wedding Tips

Mar 7, 2016

Tips for Booking Your Destination Wedding. Destination weddings can be a lot of fun for you and your guests, but they do require some careful planning. If you’ve decided to host a destination wedding, or if you’re seriously considering the idea, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind: Choose a location people will travel to – Yes, you want to host your wedding somewhere beautiful. However, if you choose somewhere far away or hard to get to, many of the guests that you invite will be unable to attend due to the cost or time constraints. A destination wedding doesn’t have to take place in some exotic corner of the world, so think about scenic places in the region that you live in.  Book early – If you want to get the best price and ensure that your location is reserved for you on the date that you requested, make a booking far in advance and put down a deposit. Most places won’t be able to guarantee you a spot otherwise.  Communicate with someone at the destination – Whether it’s a wedding planner or the site manager, you need to be in touch with someone who works at the venue for your destination wedding. This person can answer all of your questions as you go along, and make arrangements so that things will be ready when you arrive.  Give yourself time to get there early – You can have lots of details taken care of before you get to the site of your wedding, but don’t just fly in on the day of the big event. Get there a day or two early so that you can look the venue over for yourself and make sure everything is set just the way you want it. This will minimize stress and make the wedding ceremony go just the way you planned. Your wedding is a special day that you will remember for the rest of your life, and it will be even more memorable for your guests if you host a destination wedding. Take the time to plan your event so that everyone can enjoy it, including you!  If you need more in-depth wedding planning advise, call or email us! We can help set the stage for that special wedding of your dreams.

An introduction Cape Traverse

Mar 1, 2016

Are you on the lookout for the perfect destination to host your dream wedding? Look no further than Cape Traverse! Situated along Prince Edward Island’s beautiful South Shore, Cape Traverse is a quaint community on a small peninsula where the rolling hills of the Island’s farmland meet the distinct red cliffs of its coastline. Cape Traverse is just a short drive from the Confederation Bridge and less than an hour away from Charlottetown and Summerside. The convenient location and scenic views make the area an obvious vacation destination for tourists from off-island, as well as residents of the Island who are looking for a quick weekend getaway. We are a quick 30 minute drive to Charlottetown, 20 minutes to Summerside, and 10 minutes to Victoria by the Sea.Originally known as Carleton Head, the area was renamed Cape Traverse in 1925, with the name being officially adopted in 1944. It’s an area rich in history ;in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a small winter ice boat ran back and forth across the Abegweit Passage between Cape Tormentine, N.B. and Cape Traverse, P.E.I, ferrying people and goods on and off the Island. Because of the location of the ferry, the Prince Edward Island Railway built a line from Emerald Junction directly to the Cape Traverse wharf. The railway and ferry no longer exist, but at one time these vital means of transportation made Cape Traverse a key access point to the Island. Standing on the shoreline of Cape Traverse on a clear day, you can watch fishing boats glide by on the deep blue waters of the Northumberland Strait. The Confederation Bridge can be seen in great detail, and at night the lights along the top of the bridge create a stunning silhouette across the water. One of the most amazing sights from this vantage point is when an impossibly large cruise ship sails down the strait and passes under the largest arch of the bridge, coming within inches of touching it. Prince Edward Island has an abundance of beautiful wedding spots, but Cape Traverse is definitely one that you shouldn’t overlook. Book your perfect destination wedding here! Contact us today and we can help get you started. 

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Feb 19, 2016

A Prince Edward Island Destination Wedding Destination weddings are a popular choice these days. Rather than getting married in their hometown, the wedding couple invites everyone to join them at a special location somewhere farther away. Everyone in the wedding party gets the opportunity to take a special trip to a beautiful location and celebrate the marriage of their good friends. Why not give everyone the chance to go on a little vacation? A destination wedding feels more like a large group vacation than a traditional wedding. It certainly creates a memorable atmosphere as everyone takes the time to appreciate the beauty of the setting you’ve chosen for your perfect day. If you’re thinking about planning a destination wedding on Prince Edward Island, we have the perfect spot! PEI Seabreeze Weddings is located at Bell’s Point in Cape Traverse. Since we are only 7 km from the Confederation Bridge, we provide a convenient venue for people travelling from off-Island. We operate fully equipped cottages on-site in case you or your guests need accommodations. Many people who attend destination weddings turn the event into a vacation, since they are already travelling and taking time off to be there.  If you host your wedding with Seabreeze Weddings, your guests can easily book a cottage and stay on after you’ve taken off on your honeymoon! With so many different things to organize and keep track of, planning a wedding can be a nightmare for the unprepared, especially if you’re coming from off-Island. So we make it easy on you. Our wedding package includes the services of a wedding coordinator, a large tent for receptions, catering, decorations, a pastor to conduct the ceremony, and more! Just say the word and we’ll take care of all of it, so you can simply enjoy your special day. Our site is a seven-acre lot on the Island’s scenic south shore, where wedding parties can enjoy beach access and magnificent ocean views. If you’d like a more intimate place to say your vows, we also have a beautiful flower garden where the ceremony can be held. In this picturesque setting, you will have no trouble capturing the event with perfect photographs to help you recall your wedding for a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with a waterfront wedding on Prince Edward Island! It’s an affordable destination for guests, it’s a gorgeous setting, and you’ll remember your stay here for years to come. Check back soon for more blog updates and be sure to follow us on Facebook!